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Personal Published Work

"Purity Culture's Racist Fruit: Centering the Voices of Black Womanists and Feminists in the Deconstruction of Purity Culture."

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Ongoing Academic Work

How Evangelical Affect Convicts Individuals into Adherence

Were you impacted by I Kissed Dating Goodbye?

In 1997, as sexual purity movements were gaining popularity, twenty-one-year-old Joshua Harris released I Kissed Dating Goodbye (IKDG). IKDG quickly sold over a million copies and became the book evangelical teens were to refer to as they navigate sex and dating. The teachings became so normalized and widespread, you didn't even have to read the book to be impacted. In 2017, after listening to the stories of people who were harmed by IKDG's teachings, Harris stopped publishing his book, denounced purity culture, and left his evangelical faith. 

I have extensively interviewed Harris for my Master's project. I am currently working on figuring out how to share it and make it best accessible. 


Collaborative Academic Work

The Purity Culture Research Collective


Do you study purity culture?

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Post Purity Healing and Recovery Database

a space seeking to centralize purity-informed resources

Many of us need to heal from purity-related trauma, but we struggle to find counsellors or healing resources that are purity-informed and inclusive. This project is seeking to mend that!