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Academic Editing, Proofreading, or Collaboration

I love helping people improve their writing skills and communicate effectively!

My Qualifications and Experience:


M.A. Religions and Cultures, Concordia University

B.A. International Development, Redeemer University & University of Ottawa

SSHRC Award Winner 2020

Relevant Work Experience:

-Two Years Experience as aTeaching Assistant 

-Academic Research Collective Experience

-Various Proposal, Literature Review, Best Practice Documents, and University Application Editing Help

-Peer-review process journal submission experience


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Photography Series

Celebrating and Normalizing non-conforming bodies and identities

I am beginning to do photography that focuses on portraits to celebrate individuals who are living with body-minds and identities that deviate from traditional scripts of what society, culture, or one's religion has deemed "normal". This is out of an inspiration of acceptance and celebrating these folx, and continue to center all lived expereinces as valid. 

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Other? Let me know!

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