to liv(e) curved is to:

embrace our body-minds as they are,

resisting dominant narratives,  

and give others the space to do the same

I focus on: 


Purity Culture;

Ongoing Oppression

Evangelical History;


Religious Trauma.

I was a Purity Practicing Evangelical

After experiencing disorienttion and disaffection, I'm now a scholar of Purity Culture and White Evangelicalism Researcher


how do earnest bodies in evangelicalism continue to perpetuate harm?

white settler

non-binary woman

queer, but heteropresenting;


severe idiopathic



my embodied identities/social location:

I Liv(e) Curved.


My journey living curved began with scoliosis.

In 2009, someone asked me "did you know your back puffs out on one side?"

I did not know. I attribute this to severe dissociation from my own body.  

The next day I was diagnosed with severe idiopathic scoliosis.


My curvature was 58°. Since I was 14, the curve could get worse. 


I was put in a full upper body 'Boston Brace' for four years 24/7. 


Living with a noticeable disability and brace,

I felt alienated and faulty. 

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Five years later, I had my first surgery.

which eventually led to a second surgery. 

Did you know spinal surgeries increase the percentage of likelihood for mental health symptoms and chronic illnesses? Not a single health care provider told me this or prepared me for the darkness that was to come.

Listen to your body.

Due to unrelenting pain, I had surgery in May 2014. In most cases, the correction is near straight, but my back remained curved at 30°. Two years later, I began experiencing intense pain again, but my surgeon kept telling me I was fine. I knew I was not fine. In 2018, I told my surgeon something was wrong. In February 2019, my surgeon performed a second surgery and found broken hardware. Trust yourself.


Braced & cut open, but still curved.

And along the way, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and major depression.

In the end, I hurt myself and my back and was forced to stop when I began experiencing 


liv curved is about the road to acceptance and flourishing of our body-minds, and discussing what stops us.  I live curved.

For so long, I have fought against my body, trying to look and act "straight & able-bodied" to prove I was valuable.

Even after a brace and two surgeries, my spine continues to be visibly severely curved.