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"Kissing Purity Goodbye"

Situating Joshua Harris in the history of Evangelical Purity Culture

Were you impacted by I Kissed Dating Goodbye?

In 1997, as sexual purity movements were gaining popularity, twenty-one-year-old Joshua Harris released I Kissed Dating Goodbye (IKDG). IKDG quickly sold over a million copies and became the book evangelical teens were to refer to as they navigate sex and dating. The teachings became so normalized and widespread, you didn't even have to read the book to be impacted. In 2017, after listening to the stories of people who were harmed by IKDG's teachings, Harris stopped publishing his book, denounced purity culture, and left his evangelical faith. 

This summer, I will be interviewing Harris for my SSHRC-funded Master's project. I will focus on history and affect to explore how and why his journey has been how it is. 


Purity Culture Collective

A collective of active purity culture academics in North America.

Do you study purity culture?

The collective started from a conversation with myself and another purity researcher in the states named Tessi Muskrat Rickabough. We knew two others studying purity, and thought it would be neat to meet in a group regularly to discuss purity culture research.

The group has expanded and there are individuals studying the intersection of purity culture and race, eating disorders, rhetoric, psychology, masculinity, rape culture, & more.

If you study purity culture and would be interested in joining, email:


North American Research Collective - Religious Trauma

Have you experienced spiritual abuse, religious trauma, or disaffected religious experiences?

The study of religious trauma and disaffected religious experiences is a relatively new phenomenon in the academic world. Contemporarily, the majority of scholarship demonstrates only the positive impact that religion has on individuals. However, there have been many detrimental impacts, as well. 

NARC-RT is a collective of researchers from North America that are interested in furthering scholarship on religious trauma for both the general public, academics, and mental health workers. 

If you are interested in collaborating on a project or would like to know more email or check out our website here

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Religious Trauma