welcome to

liv curved

To Liv(e) Curved is to:

(one or more may apply to your body-mind experience)

deviate from or resist lifestyle expectations placed on you

not conform to 'ableist' or societal  standards

live in a marginalized or intersectional identity

engage in a process of self- acceptance in a binary world 

In a world that wants directs us towards living the "straight and narrow" trajectory

we can collectively create space to live curved, live our trajectories.

I made liv curved to:

share my work on purity culture, evangelicalism and religious trauma


 to create more space for discussion for body-minds that curve from the ideal  (purity, religion, fitness, etc.)

Graphic art done

by Lisa Fischer-Woudstra.


Hi, I'm Liv (they/them)

I'm the author and creator of liv curved

Eli Clare, a queer, transgender and differently-abled activist who speaks critique and healing into how we view the divergence of our mind-bodies:

"I wonder what we would know about ourselves and about each other if our diagnosis [our differences] projected acceptance rather than disorder onto our body-minds."

-Eli Clare, Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure

who you are, in all your wholeness

is welcome

photo by @katieharrisonphoto